The smartest microinverter on the market today — and tomorrow. Remarkable innovation keeps APS microinverters ahead of the competition, and puts more power and efficiency into your solar array.  APS offers advanced solar technology where the world needs it most: everywhere.

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APS offers advanced, powerful solar microinverter technology for residential and commercial systems. The APS microinverter solution combines highly efficient power inversion with user-friendly monitoring to bring you reliable, sustainable energy. Our proprietary system architecture increases solar harvest and ensures maximum output for PV arrays, and our strong commitment to Research & Development continues to bring new technologies and products to the marketplace.

APS ranked No. 2 in global market share among top microinverter suppliers by shipments in 2013.

(Source: GTM Research)

  • Powerful

    APS microinverter technology maximizes power generation for each module in the PV array, boosting system efficiency by up to 20 percent compared to conventional “string” systems

  • Smart

    When combined with the APS Communicator and APS Monitor, the APS Microinverter lets you track the performance of each module in your PV array through any web-enabled device.

  • Cost Effective

    A single APS YC500 microinverter unit handles two PV modules, significantly lowering installation and balance-of-system costs. Our fourth-generation YC1000 handles 3 or 4 modules per unit, enabling large-scale, 3-phase commercial solar at an unprecedented price point.

  • Safe

    APS microinverters tie directly to the low-voltage DC module, enhancing homeowner safety and eliminating the possibility of high-voltage “arc” fires. All APS products undergo rigorous factory testing, evaluation and field tracking, and are built to a 25-year design life.

Global Management

The APS team brings extensive experience as industry leaders in solar, semiconductor and telecom technologies. Our Executive Committee members hold advanced degrees in business and engineering from prestigious institutions including the University of California, Berkeley, the University of California, TsingHua University, and Ivey School of Business, London.

<font size="4">Dr. Zhi-Min Ling</font>

Dr. Zhi-Min Ling

Co-founder, CEO & President, Global

Dr. Ling’s career has been in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries. He has served in executive positions at AMD, Xilinx, and Solaria Corporation.

He graduated from Fudan University, earning a PhD from the University of Leuven (Belgium), and did post-doctoral work at the University of California at Berkeley.

<font size="4">Dr. Yuhao Luo</font>

Dr. Yuhao Luo

Co-founder, CTO & Vice President, Global

Dr. Luo has extensive R&D experience in the semiconductor and PV solar industries. He served at Xilinx, and was director of product development for Solaria Corporation.

He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

<font size="4">Wesley Tong</font>

Wesley Tong

Corporate Strategy / New Business Development, Global

Mr. Tong has extensive executive experience in communication, LED, semiconductor and power electronics industry. He has served in senior management positions at Nortel, in both USA and Canada, and at Huahong-NEC in China. In addition to his proven acumen in business development, he has a graduate degree in Power Electronics from TsingHua University.

<font size="4">Kelly Samson</font>

Kelly Samson

CEO US Operations, Global Executive Committee

Samson’s entrepreneurial career has resulted in the establishment of a number of successful companies in the United States and abroad. His most recent projects include the development of the fastest growing US-based manufacturer of solar panels (itek Energy) and the founding of Blue Frog Solar in Washington state.

<font size="4">Andrew Lonseth</font>

Andrew Lonseth

President US Operations, Global Executive Committee

Lonseth brings over 30 years’ experience managing businesses ranging from startups to complex international business ventures. He serves as president of APS’ U.S. operations and is a member of the Global Executive Committee.

Lonseth holds an undergraduate in economics and a master’s degree in business from the Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario.

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APS America
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United States of America
Phone: 844-666-7035

APS Jiaxing
1 Yatai Road, Jiaxing 314050, China
Phone: +86 -573-83986967

APS Shanghai
Rm. B403 No.188, Tomson Center,
Zhangyang Road, Pudong,
Shanghai 200120, China
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APS Australia
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Phone: 02 8034 6587

APS Europe
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The Netherlands
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global partners

partner testimonials

Oscar Jiménez Velázquez

“We are always looking for cutting-edge technology in order to offer the best solutions. Our technology partners in the U.S. like APS always provide us with the best quality products.”

Oscar Jiménez VelázquezDirector General, Advance Green Power, Mexico
Jesse Stubbs

“APS offers the most advanced microinverters on the market today, so adding them to our product offerings is a natural. Our installers and end customers will be impressed by the power and reliability the APS solution brings to their solar systems.”

Jesse StubbsCEO, Clean Energy
Matthew Lisac

“APS has the perfect mix of reliability, price and service as a vendor. Our installers love the ease and speed of installation, and not having to worry about messy and expensive cables. Our goal is to make APS the No. 1 microinverter in Canada.”

Matthew LisacDirector of Operations, National Solar Distributors Edmonton,
Ty Simpson

“We are choosing APS as our microinverter because they are second to none in their functionality, efficiency and durability. Their production specifications are becoming the benchmark of what a microinverter should be able to do and produce.”

Ty SimpsonDirector of Sales, Bland Solar &
Stephane Dufrenne

“With APS and our third-party financing, we are taking an important step towards simplifying and lowering costs of PV system ownership for residential customers.”

Stephane DufrennePresident, Upsolar
John Harley

“APS microinverters are much easier to install than the other ‘major’ company’s inverters. There is no expensive trunk line to stock, as the AC lines are attached to inverters. Also, there is one inverter per two modules, so only half the inverters to install and ground.  With one inverter per two modules, it allows for an easy install for various layouts.”

John Harleyvice president of production, Brimma Solar
Frank Rieger

“APS is the only microinverter on the market for 300-watt panels with a 25-year warranty. Being twin inverters, APS microinverters are less costly because only one inverter is needed for every two panels. APS is the world’s leading brand for microinverters, and we’re very happy with the product.”

Frank RiegerFounder and CEO, Sol-Up
Jeffrey W. Austin

“We are very impressed with the quality of the APS product as well as the ease of installation. The YC500 fits a niche we have in the marketplace and it really is the solution we have been looking for. Since there is no need to add a trunk line, the APS microinverters have saved us time and money. It is compact, easy to wire and perfect for our varied system size installations. The dashboard is a welcomed added benefit to our customers.”

Jeffrey W. AustinPresident, GreenSeal Power
Bill Beedon

“APS is leading the industry in solar microinverter innovations. Its revolutionary approach of individualized, maximized microinverters paired with its quality products and ease of installation is what separates it from the crowd.”

Bill Beedonmarketing and business development manager, Next Generation Energy
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